About Us

What is Empowered Ideas?

Empowered Ideas is a business, marketing and communications consulting firm realized from conception to implementation by James C. Wong and Virginia L. Johnson.  Fueled by passion and dedication developed over decades of serving the community, this unstoppable duo has set out to help empower the ideas and passions of the businesses and leaders within their community.

The Mission of the Organization is Simple:

“Empower small business and nonprofit sustainability through innovative marketing and communication strategies and training. “


Why Help Small Businesses & Non-Profits?

Empowered Ideas helps small businesses and nonprofits through a comprehensive approach that takes into account the holistic needs of each client, and facilitates the integration of digital marketing, communications and business strategies into the existing business structure.

We specialize in helping small to medium sized businesses and non-profits by addressing both the internal and external needs of their organization.  James Wong and Virginia Johnson are social entrepreneurs and truly believe that by building strong and cohesive teams within organizations, and training them to adopt the latest business, communications, marketing strategies and tactics, these small businesses will grow to better serve their individual clients and their community as a whole.

Communities depend on strong local economies to support member needs. Empowered Ideas empowers these small businesses and non-profits with cost-effective solutions and training to achieve these goals.

Our Approach

Our unique holistic approach to business consulting consists of a hybrid strategy, involving the synergy of both personal and organizational development, as well as innovative business design.

Because of our multifaceted approach, Empowered Ideas is able to streamline internal team dynamics within our client organizations, resulting in improved efficiency and performance. With a more cohesive team as the foundation, we facilitate the integration of marketing techniques, standards and emerging technologies to produce results.


  • Digital Marketing
  • Communications
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Corporate Team Building
  • Facilitation
  • Creative Business Solutions
  • Professional Development
  • Photography Services
  • Video Production Services