Frequently Asked Questions

Small businesses and nonprofits are limited in budget, resources and time, and we at Empowered Ideas want to empower your business with the knowledge and expertise you need in order to be successful. The following are some frequently asked questions by our clients.

General Questions


Is digital (online) marketing expensive and complicated?

It depends. The mass adoption of internet technologies has made digital marketing a necessity. And while the options for digital marketing seem endless, there are proven strategies that work best for small businesses and nonprofits. Depending on your marketing goals, Empowered Ideas will assist your business in choosing the most cost-effective strategies and tactics to meet your needs. Costs depend upon the technologies, strategies and campaign complexity required.

How much will it cost to hire Empowered Ideas to help with our marketing and communications?

We typically bill clients per an hourly rate for campaigns and projects, but we are extremely flexible with our clients and have three options for our consulting services. Costs depend on the complexity of the campaign and/or project(s) required by the client.

Project Basis — Flat Fee (or predetermined price range) for individual campaigns and/or projects

Hourly Basis — A standard hourly-rate for “as needed” campaign and/or project assistance

Monthly Retainer — A lower hourly rate  set for a predetermined minimum number of hours per month. Additional hours beyond set monthly hours will continue to be billed at the lower hourly rate.



Small Businesses & New Startups


We are a small family-owned business. Are we too small for Empowered Ideas?

Not at all. Empowered Ideas specializes in small business ranging from sole proprietorships to organizations with 25 or less team members. Our expertise with small businesses helps us to better understand your specific needs and cater strategic campaigns to meet your marketing goals.

I am starting a brand new business. Can Empowered Ideas help?

Empowered Ideas can help you develop the foundation your business needs to properly convey the purpose, products and services you plan to provide your customers. We’ll assist in developing your messaging and brand guides, while training your staff on the proper usage of the guides for future website and marketing collateral design. Or simply have us help you with all your messaging, brand, website, collateral and social media engagement needs — leaving you to focus on running your new business.

I need a logo or custom designs for my small business. Can you help?

Our creative business services help to distinguish our clients from their competition. Whether you’re branding for the first time, or re-branding your organization, our team of graphic designers, web developers, multimedia producers and video specialists will guide you through the process. We have the industry professionals your organization needs to create the image you’ve always dreamed of. [Learn More]

I need a website for my small business. Can you help?

Yes! Our website developers and designers can assist you in developing a cost-effective, yet professional website to showcase your products, services and brand. [Learn More]

Our website needs to be updated. Can you help?

In addition to building brand new websites, we also assist small businesses and nonprofits by optimizing their existing websites for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), User Experience & Usability, Customer Acquisition/Retention Flow, Branding and much more. [Learn More]

Can’t my son/daughter handle social media for my business?

It depends. While some small businesses utilize family and friends to help with their social media, your brand and messaging may suffer from the lack of proper marketing and engagement experience. The most common pitfall for small businesses online is the lack of a proper holistic marketing strategy, combined with the expertise and experience to identify, locate and engage with the target audiences your business needs to succeed. Empowered Ideas has the proven experience and track-record to assist your business and preserve your brand. [Learn More]



Nonprofit & Not-for-Profit Organizations


Does Empowered Ideas offer nonprofit organizations a discount?

We offer our services to 501(c)(3) and select not-for-profit organizations at a discounted rate, while providing enterprise level marketing and communications consulting not typically provided (or affordable) to small nonprofits.

Does Empowered Ideas have experience working with nonprofit organizations?

Yes, with over a decade and a half of combined experience assisting nonprofits with their marketing, communications and sustainability needs, Empowered Ideas is passionate about assisting local area nonprofits. In fact, our passion for nonprofits helped launch our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) consulting service to help local companies give back to their communities. [Learn More]



 Medium-Sized Businesses & Organizations


We are a medium-sized business. Are we too big for Empowered Ideas?

Of course not! Our co-founders have over a decade of small to medium-sized business (SMB) marketing and sustainability experience. In fact, the concept of Empowered Ideas emerged from the passion of wanting to provide SMB level marketing expertise to small businesses and nonprofits. With many years of marketing expertise from multimillion dollar corporations and nonprofits under our belts, we’re confident that we can assist you with your marketing needs.

Does Empowered Ideas offer corporate training & team building workshops?

Yes. Our trained facilitators develop custom training courses and activities catered specifically to your organization’s needs. Our programs go beyond typical surveys and tests to immerse participants in scenarios that will challenge, educate, and develop the skills to better prepare them and their team for specific challenges ahead. [Learn More]

Do you offer professional development workshops & seminars?

Yes. A wide variety of training is available in Digital Marketing Strategies, Social Media and Effective Business Management Practices. The industry professionals at Empowered Ideas provide these customized training opportunities designed to meet the needs and skill level of your entire team. [Learn More]

Can you help us promote and market our annual signature events?

Empowered Ideas is an expert at coordinating and marketing events both large and small. We utilize state-of-the-art presentation capabilities to create an event that effectively conveys your message with consistency. [Learn More]