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With a coast-to-coast client portfolio, we’ve enabled small businesses, nonprofit coalitions, and government agencies to re-invent and sustain themselves to better serve their communities.

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Empowered Ideas combines over 35 years of combined multidisciplinary and industry expertise and experience to provide our clients with a full portfolio of services — ideally crafted for small businesses and nonprofits. While many agencies specialize in very specific focus areas, the Empowered Ideas team believes in a holistic vision of how your business can grow and prosper. From start-ups to established businesses, our team can assist your business (or nonprofit), regardless of the maturity of the business. Our services go beyond just “internet marketing.” Find out why businesses, nonprofits and even government agencies have chosen Empowered Ideas to assist their organizations.

Not Your Typical Cookie-Cutter Marketing

Empowered Ideas is a nationally recognized marketing and communications firm dedicated to empowering small businesses and nonprofits with resources and expertise typically only afforded to Enterprise-level corporations.

Large marketing agencies often operate like production lines that offer the same campaign strategies to all their clients, with little regard to their individuals needs, expectations or internal resources. This often results in high marketing costs with little return for the small business owner.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are boutique marketing firms which often become hyper-focused on a very specific marketing sub-set (ie: focusing exclusively on “social media”), and are often unable to produce long-term growth for the client since such a tactic lacks a holistic view of the marketing landscape.

With several decades of combined experience in both traditional advertising and digital marketing strategies, the Empowered Ideas Team provides the expertise and holistic vision to quickly identify the strengths of each client individually, and then handcrafts a results-focused advertising and marketing strategy that works well with the resources and limitations of their perspective business.