Web Design & SEO

We design and optimize websites for all types of businesses, from “mom and pop” shops up to global corporations.

More importantly, we take the time to truly understand your goals, and your target audiences, and develop wire-frames and user experience profiles to best engage your audiences.

Whether we are designing a brand new website from scratch, or “refreshing” an existing website, our team can assist you in making your online presence known.

eCommerce Solutions

We currently assist clients through platform selection, store setup and integration, training, and maintenance of eCommerce solutions capable of $300,000+ in monthly revenue.

While there are many eCommerce solutions on the market today, not all of them are the right fit for every organization. We assist our clients in selecting the best platforms and integrations which complement their internal capacity and resources.

Conference Management

Our team manages between 6 and 10 Statewide Professional Development Conferences for organizations requiring full-service conference planning, accreditation, speaker vetting, venue logistics, website and online registrations, marketing, and print collateral (booklets, posters, and signage).

While our team can assist your organization with single day conferences and summits, we specialize in extended conferences that require more complex logistics and resources. We thrive on ensuring that your event runs smoothly.

Executive Coaching

We’ve worked closely with executives from Startup Ventures, Statewide Nonprofit Agencies, Inc. 500 Technology Corporations, Government Agencies, and even Global Manufacturing Companies.

As passionate entrepreneurs, we understand the challenges executives face in terms of personal and professional growth. When we commit to working with a client, we are committing to assisting them in finding clarity in their purpose, which in turn aides in a stronger mindset in all aspects of work and life balance.

Business Mentorship

While glamorous at times, entrepreneurship is not easy. Our entire team is formed of highly talented individuals with entrepreneurship in their blood, with a majority being serial and social entrepreneurs at one point or another.

We will take the necessary time to fully understand the strengths and challenges your business faces, and develop a customized strategic plan to help take your organization to the next level.

We’ll monitor your results and help keep you stay on the “road map” to success.

Keynotes & Workshops

Whether the challenge is motivation, or marketing, coalition or community mobilization, or the realities of entrepreneurship, our speakers can help your organization. With over 500 combined keynotes, workshops, seminars, and trainings, the Empowered Ideas team has inspired coast-to-coast audiences from 30 to 2,000.

Our team motto is to “aspire to inspire,” and we take it to heart. We truly believe that our purpose is to help develop positive mindsets, broaden consciousness, and understand and conquer the unique challenges that entrepreneurs face in today’s fluid landscape.

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Initial Insights & Assessment

We’re passionate about learning everything we can about your organization — your successes and your challenges. Through better insight and baselines, we can begin to assess your internal and external needs, based on your goals and objectives.

Strategic Planning

Our team will help you “connect the dots” between your mission, purpose, operations, campaigns, and deployed tactics. Through a better understanding of all the fluid components of your business and the industries and markets you serve, we will assist you in developing a strategic plan to holistically move the needle towards your goals.
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Executive Coaching

One of the greatest challenges for organizations of all sizes, is the “buy-in” required by all members in the organization, in order for a strategic plan to find true success. Our team of expert facilitators can work with your teams at all levels to understand their roles in the overall strategy, and what their responsibilities will be in contributing to the process.


We will work closely with your team(s) to implement the new strategic plan and/or campaigns, and will provide technical support (TA) as needed. Implementation is a critical phase in any strategic plan, and how well it is executed is a good indicator of its future success.

Measurement & Adaptability

As results begin to come in, we will assist your organization in understanding the data — measuring the successes and unforeseen challenges. Our team can then work with your team to identify solutions and adapt. The best strategic plans allow for a certain level of fluidity and adaptability for today’s rapidly changing marketplace.


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