Empowered Ideas helps organizations of all sizes, including statewide collaboratives and nonprofits, through a comprehensive approach that analyzes the holistic needs of their organization and facilitates the integration of digital marketing, communications, and business strategies.

Our Passion

With a coast-to-coast client portfolio, we’ve enabled small businesses, nonprofit coalitions, and government agencies to re-invent and sustain themselves to better serve their communities.

Empowered Ideas combines over 35 years of combined multidisciplinary and industry expertise and experience to provide our clients with a full portfolio of services — ideally crafted for small businesses and nonprofits. While many agencies specialize in very specific focus areas, the Empowered Ideas team believes in a holistic vision of how your business can grow and prosper. From start-ups to established businesses, our team can assist your business (or nonprofit), regardless of the maturity of the business. Our services go beyond just “internet marketing.” Find out why businesses, nonprofits and even government agencies have chosen Empowered Ideas to assist their organizations.

Workshops & Trainings

Why Is Continuing Education & Training Important?

One of the greatest benefits an organization can provide its team members is a strong learning and professional development program. Developing and fine-tuning the skills and experience of your team will help to enhance the quality of the culture within your organization, including the services and products you offer.

Our nationally recognized speakers can provide a customized training designed to meet the needs and skill level of your entire team.


Corporate Training & Team Building

While other business consultation firms focus only on external initiatives like marketing, communications and branding, we believe in building strong organizations by focusing on core fundamentals like culture and team-focused development. Our business marketing solutions prepares your organization for market exposure, while our team-building experience ensures your staff are prepared for the challenge.

Discover the true meaning of “team,” as our trained facilitators develop custom training courses and activities, catered specifically to your organization’s needs. Our programs go beyond typical surveys and tests. Participants will be immersed in scenarios that will challenge, educate, and develop the skills to better prepare them and their team for the challenges ahead.

Get Inspired! What Workshops We Offer.

Business Owners & Leadership Teams

  • Reputation Management for Professionals
  • Cost-Effective Web Design & Maintenance: Tips & Tricks
  • Marketing & Engagement in an Evolving Digital Ecosystem
  • Email Marketing Best Practices
  • GPS-Based Marketing Strategies
  • Improve and Build Company Culture & Morale
  • Organizational Development
  • Crafting a “Corporate” Culture of Fun & Performance
  • Team Building & Internal Communications
  • Cause-Based Community Mobilization
  • Strategic Planning & Organizational Sustainability 


Nonprofit Organizations & Collaboratives

  • Nonprofit Sustainability Models
  • Holistic Marketing & Communications Strategies
  • Social Media Ethics for Nonprofits
  • Using Social Media to Enhance Fundraising
  • Harnessing the Power of Crowd-Sourcing to Achieve Goals
  • Social Media Engagement Strategies 101
  • Utilizing Email Engagement for Fundraising and Advocacy
  • Nurturing Donor Engagement in a Digital World
  • Best Practices for Traditional Media Engagement


Career-Oriented Professionals

  • Business Networking “Tips & Tricks”
  • Blogging: How to Tell (and Sell) Your Story
  • Social Media Engagement (Beginner /Intermediate /Advanced)
  • Building & Maintaining Your Personal Brand


General Workshops

  • Stress Management & “Work-Life Balance”
  • Effective Decision Making
  • Action Planning
  • Managing Your Privacy Online
  • Monitoring Your Teens Online
  • How to Securely Communicate with Friends & Family
  • Home Networking & Security 
  • Using GPS & Group-based Apps to Save Money

No Cookie-Cutter Solutions

Empowered Ideas is a nationally recognized marketing and communications firm dedicated to empowering small businesses and nonprofits with resources and expertise typically only afforded to Enterprise-level corporations.

Large marketing agencies often operate like production lines that offer the same campaign strategies to all their clients, with little regard to their individuals needs, expectations or internal resources. This often results in high marketing costs with little return for the small business owner.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are boutique marketing firms which often become hyper-focused on a very specific marketing sub-set (ie: focusing exclusively on “social media”), and are often unable to produce long-term growth for the client since such a tactic lacks a holistic view of the marketing landscape.

With several decades of combined experience in both traditional advertising and digital marketing strategies, the Empowered Ideas Team provides the expertise and holistic vision to quickly identify the strengths of each client individually, and then handcrafts a results-focused advertising and marketing strategy that works well with the resources and limitations of their perspective business.

An Holistic Approach

Empowered Ideas analyzes the holistic needs of small businesses and nonprofits and facilitates the integration of digital marketing, communication and business strategies.

As we empower organizations to be more sustainable, we integrate training and cost-effective solutions into our services that build the capacity of our clients to manage their own marketing strategies.

The team’s passion, experience and community-focused approach fuels the dedication, engagement and innovative ideas needed to produce results, better serve their patrons and create a path for sustainability. We help support the success of the businesses that local communities depend on for services and job creation.

Why Digital Engagement?

Leading consumer trends and analytics research firms concur that Americans spend 30+ hours a week online, almost 25% of which is spent on social media sites and blogs. It is vital that today’s professionals and their respective organizations ask themselves a few critical questions about their brand communications strategy:

  • Are you targeting the right audience in your Social Media efforts?
  • Is your digital strategy effectively engaging your users?
  • Are you properly managing your brand’s online reputation?
  • Does your organization have policies and procedures to encourage brand evangelism?
  • Are you fostering and embracing external brand evangelists?

If you’ve answered “no” to any of these questions, you’re effectively allowing your competition to answer them for you. As seasoned and active industry practitioners, we can help you develop the proper strategies and campaigns to increase your brand awareness and impact online.

Creative Business Services

We strive to exceed customer expectations by working with our clients as if it were our own business. Our team focuses on understanding your business, your marketing environment, and what makes your company unique. Our creative business services help to distinguish our clients from their competition. Whether you’re branding for the first time, or re-branding your organization, our team of graphic designers, web developers, multimedia producers and video specialists will guide you through the process. We have the industry professionals your organization needs to create the image you’ve always dreamed of.

Learn More About Our Creative Business Services

Custom Logo Design

Empowered Ideas strives to exceed customer expectations by working with our clients as if it were our own business. Our process ensures that we understand your business and analyze the competition before coming up with a logo design concept.

Graphic Design Services

Empowered Ideas focuses on understanding your business, your marketing environment, and what makes your company unique. We help you identify the design solution that best meets your needs, from a simple advertisement to corporate identity campaigns, and then we develop it efficiently and economically.


Trade Show & Exhibitor Displays

It’s critical that your business showcase itself with the same professionalism and prestige as your products and services themselves. Our team can help design eye-catching display boards, banners, pull-ups and table cloths which will help your business attract the attention of your prospective customers.


Marketing Collateral

Is your business in need of new brochures, booklets, business cards, stationary or any other branded products that could help you stand out from your competition?  Our team of expert designers can help design truly unique marketing collateral which your potential customers will want to keep with them to remember you by.


Print Advertising

Are you tired of designing your own newspaper or magazine advertisements using publisher or Word? Do you often wish your advertisements had the same “polish” that your competitors have, or better?  We can help!


Custom Designed Email Templates

During template creation, our Empowered Ideas designers will develop a concept and custom design a layout to create a unique email template that reflects your business or nonprofit.


Custom Email Campaigns

With our full-service email campaign creation option, Empowered Ideas experts will build a targeted email campaign for your organization from start to finish. Regardless of whether it’s a single-instance or regular campaign series, we will work with you to achieve your goals.


Promotional & Branding Solutions

Empowered Ideas works with our partners to provide clients with the best pricing and innovative selection of promotional and branding items available today.

Exceptional Service for Nonprofit Budgets

With over 20 years of combined nonprofit experience, the Empowered Ideas team provides corporate-level marketing and communications services to nonprofits with the hands-on attention they need.

Why Choose Empowered Ideas?

Empowered Ideas understands the strengths and challenges of nonprofits. Empowered Ideas works with you, understands your needs, and develops strategies and tactics that will support the growth and sustainability of your nonprofit.

By combining decades of nonprofit, government and corporate expertise, the Empowered Ideas team leverages the strengths from all three “worlds” to identify the perfect balance of services which will strengthen your nonprofit.

Learn More About Our Digital Consulting Services

Digital Marketing & Communications Audit

Empowered Ideas will perform a detailed review of your existing digital marketing and communications strategy, and suggest holistic enhancements to improve performance.


Social Media Audit

Empowered Ideas will perform a comprehensive and detailed review of your existing social media and online engagement properties – analyzing the quality of content, messaging, frequency, engagement, audience and many other critical aspects needed for a successful social media engagement strategy.


Integrated Communications Strategy

Empowered Ideas will assist your organization with integrating traditional media, digital and social media strategies into a holistic and measurable integrated communications strategy.


Content Strategy & Marketing

Frequent and relevant content updates are critical in attracting consistent web traffic, as well as in maintaining knowledge leadership in your field or industry. Empowered Ideas will help you develop a content creation strategy and ensure that it is in-line with your integrated communications strategy.


Email Marketing, Campaign Strategy & Best Practices

Empowered Ideas can help you formulate the best way to author your messages, establish your optimal recipient lists and track measurable email analytics so your organization can continue to improve performance.


Social Media Integration, Optimization & Monitoring

Empowered Ideas will review your existing social media strategy, integrate relevant channels, ensure that your content is optimized for search engines and teach your staff how to monitor the feeds.


Blog Optimization & Management

We will review your existing blog and posts, and ensure that your content is optimized for your social media distribution stream, as well as for search engines. Empowered Ideas experts will train you to recognize and develop a consistent and sustainable distribution schedule and to perform analytics analysis to determine whether your tactics need modification based on audience behavior and interaction.


Blog Platform Training

We have experience with popular blog platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, B2Evolution and Tumblr.  We can help you and your team best utilize your existing blogging platform.


Custom Social Media Profiles

We can custom design profile pages for your Twitter and Facebook profiles.


Engagement Buttons

We can custom design and install Twitter and Facebook buttons, and provide suggestions about the ideal placement on your web site and blog.


Collect Contact Information

We can help you integrate custom email newsletter signup forms on your web site, blog and Facebook Fan Page.


Content Distribution & Scheduling

Consistency is crucial to a successful blog.  We will help you develop a sustainable blogging schedule and teach you how to analyze your blog analytics to determine whether scheduling needs to be further modified based on your audiences’ behavior.


Corporate Consulting & Training

It is vital that businesses that decide to go “Social,” also take the time to develop the processes, procedures and policies required for a streamlined and efficient social media communications strategy.  Our team of experts in the field will teach your team about social media best practices, and how to integrate social media and digital “word-of-mouth” marketing into every aspect of your organization — internal and external.


Brand Reputation Management

Digital “word-of-mouth” is more potent than traditional “word-of-mouth” channels. The effects of negative conversations about your brand can spread like a wildfire if not monitored and managed effectively.


Blog Platform Migration

If your existing blog isn’t flexible enough for the needs of your business, we can assist you in migrating to a more robust platform. For more information about how Empowered Ideas can help empower your organization’s digital future, Contact Us Today!

Branding & Messaging

Today’s consumer, donor and sponsors are more likely to research your organization several times before devoting any resources or purchasing from your company. However, most organizations lack the proper branding and messaging consistency to prevent confusion among their visitors.

For example, if a person walked into your business and asked three random team members, “What exactly do you do?” How confident would you be that all three team members would provide a consistent message?

Even more importantly, how consistent is your brand and messaging across all of your various digital and social media properties (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Website, Blog, etc…)?

Such inconsistencies in both online and offline channels can cause irreparable damage to an organization’s brand. Therefore, it is imperative that organizations properly develop messaging and branding guides that help set guidelines for how an organization describes itself, its mission and purpose, as well as the services and/or products it provides. A proper branding guide also outlines the proper use of logo(s) and design elements which visually represent your organization.

The Empowered Ideas Team can assist your organization in developing comprehensive messaging and branding guides.

``Traditional`` Advertising Verticals

With “Social Media” dominating as THE marketing “buzz-word,” it’s important to realize that communities across the United States and beyond are not created equal.  While most urban communities enjoy easy access to internet services, most rural communities are not as fortunate.

Traditional advertising such as radio, television, newspapers and magazines are still major players in terms of targeting very specific populations of potential customers.  Integrating traditional methods of advertising with your digital marketing strategy will provide your business with a much more rounded portfolio of channels for your brand exposure.

  • Radio Promotions & Advertising
  • Media & News Coverage
  • Television Advertising
  • Magazines
  • Boutique & Niche-Subject Publications
  • Metropolitan Newspapers
  • Community Newspapers
  • Discount Publications


The Empowered Ideas Team can assist your business in developing your traditional advertising strategy, develop creative advertisements and manage your overall traditional advertising budget.

Conference Management, Logistics, and Accreditation

Conference, School, & Corporate Event Planning

Our experienced team of conference and event planners are highly professional and will assist your organization through all stages of planning, execution and post-event follow-up. Our strategy driven approach helps to deliver world-class events utilizing cost-effective methods and technology.


Event Marketing, Communications, & Engagement

Empowered Ideas is an expert at coordinating and marketing events both large and small. We utilize industry trusted technologies and strategies to create events that captivates your audience, while effectively conveying your organization’s brand and message with consistency. Empowered Ideas will utilize all relevant digital tools and channels to effectively market your event to your target audiences. Our methods are measurable and are constantly refined to optimize performance and audience attendance.


Online Registrations & Management

Empowered Ideas maintains partnerships with industry standard event registration and ticket management systems and services, thus ensuring that our clients will have the best options in registration and event ticketing options.


Technology Logistics & Support

With decades of combined IT experience, our team can easily maintain the technology needs of your conference or event. In fact, Empowered Ideas proudly offers conference technology logistics for events as an optional service:

  • Wired & Wireless Audio Equipment & Accessories
  • Video Accessories
  • LCD & High Definition Projectors
  • Laptop Computers
  • Portable Presentation Screens (16:9 and 4:3 Aspect Ratio)
  • Laser Pointers
  • Miscellaneous Adapters & Converters


Professional Accreditation for Credit/Contact Hours

We can assist your organization in getting the appropriate professional credits for your conference and/or school attendees.

  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
  • NBCC
  • PSPR
  • Contact Hours
  • CRCC


In addition, Empowered Ideas can also provide fully mobile production services for live feeds and/or video and audio capture for post-event use.

Website Development, Optimization, Hosting, & Maintenance

Today’s consumer is much more educated than in years past.  With such an abundance of internet access points, especially in urban areas, consumers are often researching products and services before they ever step foot inside your venue.  In fact, consumers often “Google” your products and services for reviews and price comparisons while standing inside your business.

It is more important that ever before to have a properly maintained website that professionally portrays your business, brand and services. If your website is older than 3 years, or hasn’t been updated in months, it may be worth it to have it audited for effectiveness.

Our team of experts can optimize your existing site to better capture the attention of your consumers.  If you don’t have a website, we can easily develop a website which will properly represent your business in the global marketplace known as the internet — and will serve as your 24/7/365 digital storefront.

Learn More About Our Web Development, Optimization, and Maintenance Services

Website Design & Usability Review (Website Audit)

Empowered Ideas will perform a comprehensive and detailed review of your existing website – analyzing the quality of content, messaging, ease-of-use, visual aesthetics, navigation and many other critical aspects needed for a successful website.


Custom Website & Blog Development

Empowered Ideas creates websites and blogs that are creative, professional and that take full advantage of the latest in search engine optimization. With integrated content management systems, you can add and remove website content yourself – saving you money and letting you update information as soon as you have it.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Empowered ideas utilizes a holistic strategy, our SEO experts can help get your website and its content at or near the top of organic search engine results.


Content Management Systems

Empowered Ideas can create a content management system that enables your staff to quickly update your website with a minimum of effort and confusion. The result is a site that’s up-to-date, easy to amend and always fresh.


Website Hosting & Migration Solutions

Empowered Ideas can leverage our partnership with a top-tier web hosting service to offer you the best, most economical, and highest-performing hosting to showcase your website in its best possible light. We can also assist in migrating your website and blog from under-performing servers to our high-performance small business hosting solutions.


Website Maintenance

Empowered Ideas can take the burden of dealing with routine, scheduled maintenance and site updates off your hands – and help you troubleshoot issues.

Printing & Finishing Services

Why Printing Services?

While digital has proven to be more cost effective in most cases, businesses and nonprofits alike realize that having updated collateral and signage in the hands of customers and supporters still holds value in a world of digital information overload.

Through several partnerships with local and national commercial printing facilities, Empowered Ideas is able to offer clients the same volume discounts that large businesses and corporations enjoy, even if your project only requires low volume runs.


To Design or Not to Design?

Commercial Printing Services provided by Empowered Ideas is fully customizable to each client. Whether or not you have fully designed art, or you need assistance developing a design, our team can easily assess and compliment your organization’s existing resources. Just let us know how we can simplify your printing needs!

  • Low & High Volume Projects
  • Specialty Print Mediums & Paper
  • Custom Finishing & Binding
  • Unique Business Card Options
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Loyalty & Rewards Cards
  • Custom Gift Certificates
  • Brochures & Flyers
  • Digital Signage
  • Custom Indoor/Outdoor Signage
  • Educational and Instructional Manuals
  • Die-Cut Print Pieces

Trade Show Setups, Collateral, & Branded Promotional Items

Looking for Unique Ways to Promote Your Brand?

With over 200+ combined shows, events and conferences under our “belts,” our team of creative designers and marketing/branding experts can assist your organization in selecting the right branded promotional items based on your needs.

Whether your organization currently exhibits at trade shows, conferences, or events — or you’d like to begin exhibiting, we can assist.

  • Table Cloths
  • Table Top Banners
  • Pull-Up Banners
  • Wide-Format Displays
  • Digital Displays
  • Booth Lighting
  • Trade Show /Exhibitor Collateral
  • Branded Pens, Notepads, Office Supplies
  • Apparel Items
  • Sports Items/Gear
  • Personalized Stationery Supplies
  • Business Cards
  • Custom Indoor/Outdoor Signage
  • Educational and Instructional Manuals
  • Die-Cut Print Pieces
  • Stickers / Sticker Sheets
  • Magnets
  • Stress Balls (and other Shapes/Figures)

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