Empowered Ideas and Fuquay Coworking Manage the North Carolina Coalition Summit in Raleigh, NC

Empowered Ideas, the Marketing, Communications, and Logistics Agency for the North Carolina Coalition Summit in Raleigh, NC

Members of the Fuquay Coworking and the Empowered Ideas Team, were proud to be the marketing, communications, and logistics agency for the 2018 North Carolina Coalition Summit in Raleigh, NC. Between Tuesday, June 12th and Wednesday, June 13th, attendees from all around the state traveled to the McKimmon Conference and Training Center at North Carolina State University’s campus to attend the Summit.

Those in attendance discussed and shared their thoughts on prescription drug misuse and prevention methods. Throughout the two days, members and leaders had the opportunity to interact with others in the coalition, attend multiple breakout sessions, and listen to keynote speakers; one of which was Kevin Hines. Hines was only 1 of 36 people who jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge and survived. He spreads the message of living a healthy mental lifestyle, all around the world.

Empowered Ideas Hosts NC’s First LinkedIn Live: Members Conference

LinkedIn Live Raleigh and Empowered Ideas have been selected by LinkedIn Headquarters to host a LinkedIn LIVE: Members Conference, one of the very first in the United States. The conference is open to all LinkedIn users, new and established users alike, and will feature a keynote by LinkedIn Ambassador, Lori Ruff.