Empowered Ideas and Fuquay Coworking Manage the North Carolina Coalition Summit in Raleigh, NC

Empowered Ideas, the Marketing, Communications, and Logistics Agency for the North Carolina Coalition Summit in Raleigh, NC

Members of the Fuquay Coworking and the Empowered Ideas Team, were proud to be the marketing, communications, and logistics agency for the 2018 North Carolina Coalition Summit in Raleigh, NC. Between Tuesday, June 12th and Wednesday, June 13th, attendees from all around the state traveled to the McKimmon Conference and Training Center at North Carolina State University’s campus to attend the Summit.

Those in attendance discussed and shared their thoughts on prescription drug misuse and prevention methods. Throughout the two days, members and leaders had the opportunity to interact with others in the coalition, attend multiple breakout sessions, and listen to keynote speakers; one of which was Kevin Hines. Hines was only 1 of 36 people who jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge and survived. He spreads the message of living a healthy mental lifestyle, all around the world.

Communications Training for the North Carolina Technical Training and Assistance Center (NC TTAC)

The Empowered Ideas Team is proud to wrap up a 2-day Communications Campaign Training for the North Carolina Technical Training & Assistance Center (NC TTAC). The 40+ participants represented communities and coalitions from all over North Carolina. Nationally recognized trainers included James Wong & Virginia Johnson from NC (Empowered Ideas), and Stacey Stottler from Illinois.

Empowered Ideas Co-Founders Present at the Eastern Area Health Education Centers (EAHEC)

The Empowered Ideas Team is presenting two different marketing sessions at the Eastern AHEC State-of-the-Art Conference in Greenville, NC today. Co-Founders Virginia Johnson, CSAPC and James Wong were invited to once again present at this year’s Conference. Workshops included: Marketing Your Programs, and Using Social Media & Digital Analytics in Outcome Reporting.

Empowered Ideas Works with Several Communities in WA State on Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Efforts

The Empowered Ideas Team was invited to work with several Youth Prevention Clubs in Washington State this week, including the White Swan Dream Makers (White Swan, WA) and the A.C. Davis C.C.A.N. Navigators in Yakima, WA. Our team worked with these youth leaders on their club’s branding, marketing, and communications strategies around substance abuse prevention, suicide prevention, anti-bullying, and several other mental health and wellness initiatives within their communities.

Empowered Ideas Provides “Sustainability Through Marketing & Branding” Training Through NCCI to North Carolina Coalitions

Empowered Ideas Provides “Sustainability Through Marketing & Branding” Training Through NCCI to North Carolina Coalitions. “We’re proud of the accomplishments each of these Coalitions have made throughout the program, and we look forward to staying in touch with them as they grow and strengthen the communities in which they serve.”

Empowered Ideas Assists in Re-Branding Efforts (PROJECT AWARE) in Colorado

The Empowered Ideas Team is honored to work with three Communities in Colorado on their PROJECT AWARE initiatives. We worked with Community Leaders and assisted them in re-branding and optimizing their collaboration into a much more cohesive organization. In fact, the Community of Thompson, CO took it a step further and after working with the Empowered Ideas Team for a few days, developed their new branding, “Thompson CARES.”

Empowered Ideas Co-Founder, James Wong, Featured in Bank of America’s Small Business Online Community

Empowered Ideas Co-Founder, James C. Wong, was recently interviewed by Robert Lerose, a writer from Bank of America’s Small Business Community.

Lerose’s article focuses on how small businesses can leverage digital and social media strategies to help boost business during the sometimes slow summer season.

Empowered Ideas Shares Social Media Tips on #PrevChat

Empowered Ideas Co-Founder, James Wong (@CommunityMGR), was invited to be a guest on #PrevChat, a bi-weekly discussion on Twitter which provides an opportunity to connect and share resources, ideas and possibilities with other individuals who are equally energized about prevention and wellness. With an increasing number of nonprofits and coalitions engaging in social media and…

James Wong of Empowered Ideas Featured on UNC TV’s Black Issues Forum

Empowered Ideas Co-Founder & Managing Partner, James C. Wong, had the honor of being invited as a guest speaker on the topic of Social Media for UNC TV’s Black Issues Forum.

Derorah Holt Noel, the Executive Producer and Host of Black Issues Forum on UNC-TV, invited Mr. Wong to contribute to a discussion on the topic of social media, how it relates to their viewers, provide insight into various forms of social media, how it works for individuals on a personal level, how it works for businesses small and large, and how it can be a potential revenue channel.